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Helen Tilford, R.N.

Holistic Healing

Reiki Master, Acupressure Therapist and Published Author. (See BOOKS page to order)

Helen conducts groups dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. She also facilitates The Circle of Healing Meditations.
Helen provides Individualized Health Counseling/Energy Therapy Sessions effective for, but NOT LIMITED TO:

.Pain Relief
.Stress Relief
.Emotional Balancing
.Grief Process
.Spiritual Growth

Call for appointment: 201-936-6448 (cell) - 300 A Lake St., Ramsey N.J. 07446

GRIEVING - Rose Petal Reiki

"Living with loss is different from thriving after any loss."

Rose Petal Reiki sessions help facilitate grief release and spiritual renewal.

Experience Rose of Sharon oil from the Holy Land and fragrant Rose Petals together with healing Reiki energy that help release the deep effects of grieving.

Being in a Crises

Fear is the one factor that is always there. You can deny it, you can feel it and take steps to conquer it, or you can ignore it and hope it goes away.


Not on it's own- the best way to come successfully through a crisis is to get the support you need to deal with the 3 most important aspects:


Fear links us to feeling like a victim. Faith directly links us to victory. Having faith in your medical team is important, but having faith that you can face whatever comes, changes how you react, right down to a cellular level.

Your immune system reacts to what you are believing and therefore to what you are speaking.

Personal empowerment is an integrative apporach that gives you the tools that will develop a healthy self-image and enthusiasm even in the midst if your challenge.

It's time to nurture yourself!

Now is the time for you to access your own power to change you from being a victim to overcoming your crisis.


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To submit your own testimony, please email helentilford@verizon.net.

Helen Tilford is a gifted and intuitive spirit. You will find that she cuts through all the BS and gives you practical, simple and profound tools that will make an immediate difference. She is guided by Spirit so the Truth will always be given to you. You WILL get results with Helen if you are open, listen and do the work.

In light and love Helen has cleared a path for me out of the darkness and into the sunshine. My work with Helen helped me to heal my own body and soul and become more of the creative self that I was meant to be.

Helen Tilford has become such a precious person and gift in my life. I started working with Helen when I was experiencing a life challenge and she was the one person who has been able to help me make sense and move forward toward understanding myself and others and has set me on my life journey toward becoming my healthiest self emotionally, physically and spiritually. Walking into her office I am able to breathe, to put down my “baggage” and pick up the tools she provides through talk therapy, active listening, spirit and re aligning my energy. Helen is truly a gifted healer who has been instrumental in helping me understand truth and sees all of life’s ups and downs as an opportunity for growth. There never will be enough words of praise as to all the gifts and lessons Helen has brought into my life. Working with her has been transformative in helping me bring light to the soul traits I need to practice to be my highest self. It is my desire to do this work with Helen through out my lifetime so I continue to learn and grow and I can only deeply encourage other’s to experience Helen for themselves.
With deep love and appreciation

When I feel out of balance I call Helen. When I feel low energy I call Helen. When I need spiritual guidance and support I call Helen. When I want to share concerns and work out issues blocking my energy I call Helen. She is a skilled listener and does her work with a keen insight, prayerful guidance and great humor! Helen has been a blessing in my personal, professional, and spiritual life. I have been with Helen since 2012 and my life is better because of it. My friends and family know her. I am grateful for the day our paths crossed and will continue my relationship with her for as long as possible.
-Beth N

Helen is an extremely wise, spiritual woman with a one of a kind personality that I adore! If you really want help and guidance to make important changes in your life, she is completely the person to turn to. She does not sugar coat anything and will always help you get back on a healthy path for peace and happiness. I know working with Helen can make a huge difference in your life, because she has made such a positive impact on mine.

Dear Helen-
Since our time working together with the angelic in the spiritual realms I have learned so much from you and your wisdom. You continue to teach me about strength and faith and love. Every time we speak or spend time together I feel as though I’ve been lifted to a higher vibration for days afterwards. You are so wise and I learn more from you than I probably tell you. Your endless capacity to lift and help and heal is extraordinary and I thank you and I love you.

I have worked with Helen for 20 years. She is my angel and life coach. She has helped me overcome many life challenging events including the abrupt death of my spouse, difficult family dynamics, work/life balance, self love and many many more. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if she wasn’t a part of my life. I am blessed and honored to have her guidance, support and love.

Helen was a ray of sunshine, comfort and knowledge in one of the darkest moments of my life. My heart was broken and the grief was overwhelming. Her kinds words, breathing techniques, guided meditations and acupressure lead me out of the darkness. Helen gave me strategies and tools (daily affirmations, suggested readings, thought provoking questions and refection journals) that helped me in both my personal and professional life. I am a changed women because of her!

Helen has been a beacon of light, understanding and knowledge for all the years that I have known her. Her straightforward approach to any problem is always helpful and right on target. Pat DeMilia

I met Ms. Helen, through a referral.

I can not describe the emotional release. That Helen has helped me with .Over this past year. It is the best ‘therapy’ I’ve ever received. I have seen a few phycologists . It would almost make me feel worse to sit and talk with these people . After my first session with Helen , I felt instantly lighter and very peaceful. She cleared my emotional fears within me .I felt like a fog had been lifted from my mind instantly .

We discussed past emotions . That I was unware I was still holding on too.How to forgive myself.

Helen is an amazing Healer and beautiful soul. I am truly blessed to have met and have her in my life.
-Ana Maria

I've been with Helen for 7+ years and she has turned my life around. She is the “angel” of my life and through her spiritual practices has made me a better person today. I’ve balanced out, feel more comfortable and have peace with myself. She’s an incredible person that I feel comfortable talking and sharing my life stories with. I'm a very lucky person to have had the opportunity to create the friendship I have with her. She is a wise and knowledgeable person that has made me a better man !!


Helen Tilford, R.N.

Holistic Healing

300A Lake st. (extension) , Ramsey , N. J. 07446

P. 201-936-6448


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